Shoe Fly is excited to announce our awesome new VIP Private Membership Online Shopping Group we like to call...

  • Because you have been one of our loyal in-store customers through the years, we are giving you the exclusive limited opportunity to join our new VIP Private Membership Online Shopping Group called: Shoe Fly Must-Haves!!
  • This is a fresh and exciting approach to online shopping by offering our latest, trendiest, and hottest items (that sell out almost immediately in-store) to our private members by way of our new Must-Haves (single-item) Flash Sales that will start Wednesday, May 24th, and will resume from that day forward twice a day, unless otherwise notified. This will include every day except for Sundays and pre-announced specified holidays.  
  • Another amazing feature of our Must-Haves shopping system is how easy we have made the purchase process. Once you have entered required information to complete your first order, your VIP customer purchase profile will then be saved and secured in our servers. From that point forward, every order you place will be a FAST and EASY One-Button Click, Straight to Cart checkout experience!
  • You will also have the option of being personally notified via email, Facebook Messenger, and/or direct Text Messaging to your phone and/or tablet mobile device. Rest assured we will NOT bombard you with useless junk messages as we have a strict NO SPAM policy. In addition, you will have instructions to Opt-Out of any and/or all of the messages anytime you decide.
  •  We will also create Posts directly to our Facebook and Instagram account fan pages.
  • Again, these Must-Haves Flash Sales will feature Shoe Fly's hottest, most 'crazy-popular' in store pieces ranging from $15 to $35 that sell out almost immediately after hitting our racks. This group will be the only way you can purchase these items once they are sold out in our stores.
  • Upon receiving each notification that a Must-Have Flash Sale has begun, you will need to make certain that you hurry and get online because all other private members will be receiving the same message and each item will sell out fast!
  • HURRY and FILL OUT the Optin Form below to sign up and make sure you do not miss out on this exciting new shopping experience! 
  • Get ready, our first sale begins this Wednesday, May 24th!!!

Join Shoe Fly 'Must-Haves' VIP Private Shopping Membership Group by Completing Form Below:

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URGENT NOTICE: After email sign-up above, please remember to go to your inbox and click on our email verification link. If not there, please check your SPAM folder. If you are still having issues, please send an email to ( with the following listed on the subject line: "Need Must-Haves Group Support". Please explain your issue the best you are able and someone will get back in touch with you shortly.  

Once you have VERIFIED our first email, you will then be receiving a Thank You Email with easy 'step-by-step' instructions to complete the registration process. This will include how to sign up for Facebook Messenger and/or direct text message Flash Sale announcement notifications. 

These announcement notifications will be important because we have designed this new shopping system to initiate Flash Sales at random times each day, and will differ from one day to the next. We added this important feature so that someone could not memorize the Flash Sale times, plan ahead accordingly, which will eventually create an unequal and unfair shopping experience for other members.

Thanks so much! We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!!! ;)

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Wednesday, May 24th

11:00 AM CST, 12:00 PM EST

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*Limited Membership Spots Available

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